(A. Ceselli)

Schedule for the A.A. 2021/2022

The classes will be given both by physical meetings (see easystaff for details) and in syncronous online form using the Zoom platform. Perspective students are kindly suggested to setup the Zoom client, which is available for many platforms, before the starting of the lectures. The link to the lectures' meeting is the following:

Topic: Simulation Class
Time: Tuesday 8:30 - 10:30, Friday 12:30 - 14:30
Meeting ID: 970 9329 8181
Passcode: 739438

Lecture topics and slides

Tutorial topics and code




The exam consists of (a) the development of a practical project and (b) an oral discussion about the theoretical part. In the practical project, each student is required to choose an application, develop a simulation model for it, run experiments and collect results in a written report. The format of the report is free, but as a suggestion the student can fill the following template in libreoffice format or template in word format . Any application can be suitable, but a list of possible topics is also available. Please, contact me before starting the project development.

As a further guideline, please consider that in order to be a valid simulation project, the following minimum requirements must be met:

  1. it cannot be an adaptation of an existing example (e.g. anylogic ones);
  2. you must model a system whose complexity justifies a simulation approach (e.g. a production line with a few blocks in cascade it is not);
  3. the complexity of the system must require some components and/or connections to the outer world to be approximated by random variables;
  4. Key System Parameters and Key Performance Indicators must be very clear: understanding their link is one of the main targets of the project;
  5. as a consequence of (2), the complexity of such a link must justify a simulation approach (e.g. if the link can be modeled as a closed form function, or be represented with a single random variable from the literature, its complexity does not justify a simulation approach);
  6. I expect a pertinent simulation approach also in the experiments (e.g. a screenshot of a single run of the model does not provide a pertinent experimental approach);
  7. a clear final report is part of the project. I also expect proper writing, formatting and editing.