Image Processing at KATU

a.a. 2014/15 (academic year 2014/15)

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The list of the topics covered during the course is reported here.

Course materials


The course adopts as textbook one of the most worldwide used educational books on image processing:

The textbook has a reference site with additional material: In particular, on this site the errata-corrige of the textbook can be found (check it before starting to study!).


double page topic other materials
(pdf) Course introduction (06/10/2014)
(pdf) Introduction to the image processing (06/10/2014)
(pdf) Vision (06/10/2014)additional readings
(pdf) Acquisition and representation of images (07/10/2014)
(pdf) Topological structure of images (08/10/2014)
(pdf) Intensity transformations (10/10/2014)
(pdf) Histogram equalization (13/10/2014)
(pdf) Spatial filtering (14/10/2014)
(pdf) Sharpening spatial filtering (14/10/2014)
(pdf) Color image processing (15/10/2014)
(pdf) Edge detection (16/12/2014)
(pdf) Image segmentation (16/10/2014)
(pdf) Image compression (17/10/2014)

Control questions

Control questions (pdf)

Matlab laboratory activities

Laboratory activities

Course assessment examples

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