Nicola Bena

January 2024

PhD Defense

December 2023

New Paper Accepted: Continuous Certification of Non-Functional Properties Across System Changes

September 2023

Visiting at INSA Lyon

July 2023

New Paper Accepted: On the Robustness of Random Forest Against Untargeted Data Poisoning: An Ensemble-Based Approach
New Paper Accepted: Non-Functional Certification of Modern Distributed Systems: A Research Manifesto

May 2023

Seminar: Multi-Dimensional Certification of Artificial Intelligence
New Paper Accepted: Lightweight Behavior-Based Malware Detection
Visiting at Khalifa University

April 2023

Presentation: Certification Meets Modern Service-Based Systems: Connecting Service and Certificate Life Cycle
Seminar: Assurance-based Security Governance for ICT systems

November 2022

New Paper Accepted: Multi-Dimensional Certification of Modern Distributed Systems

September 2022

New Pre-print: On the Robustness of Ensemble-Based Machine Learning Against Data Poisoning

August 2022

New Paper Accepted: Bridging the Gap Between Certification and Software Development

July 2022

New Paper Accepted: A DevSecOps-based Assurance Process for Big Data Analytics

June 2022

New Paper Accepted: Security Assurance in Modern IoT Systems

April 2022

IMUNES on Apple Silicon