Diego Valota

Fixed-Term Lecturer
at UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Milano,
and UniversitĂ  degli Studi dell'Insubria

Local Group: ManyVal
Int. Group: MathFuzzLog

Research Interests:

  • Reasoning with Uncertainty and Vagueness;
  • Many-Valued Logics;
  • Ordered algebraic structures.

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email: {surname} at di.unimi.it

  1. H2020-MSCA-RISE SYSMICS Syntax meets semantics—Methods, interactions, and connections in substructural logics (member)
  2. Marie Curie INdAM-COFUND-2012 accepted project: A Duality-based Approach to Deduction and Reasoning with Vague Information (proponent)
  3. FIRB Research Project - PNCE: Probability Theory of Non-Classical Events (member)
    Research and Development on Betting systems for Non-Classical Events (BeONCE), under the guidance of B. Gerla.
  4. PUR 2009 – Metodi Logici e Algoritmici nell'analisi, specifica e verifica di sistemi (member)
  5. PRIN 2008 - Logica ed algebra dell'informazione incerta (member)
  6. 6thFP on Industrial Safety: VIRTHUALIS European Research Project (member)
  1. Steering Committee member of AILA (from 2017);
  2. Web administration for: EUSFLAT Working group on Mathematical Fuzzy Logic, PNCE FIRB Research Project, Logic Seminar, Syntax Meets Semantics 2016.
  1. Journals: FSS, MVLSC, BSL, IJAR, SoCo.
  2. Conferences: IJCAI 2011, IJCAI 2015, FUZZ-IEEE 2015, WCCI 2016, LANMR 2016, FUZZ-IEEE 2017, ManyVal2017, IPMU2018, LATD2018, LSFA2019, WoLLIC2019, SOFSEM2020,
  1. MCAA, Marie Curie Alumni Association (from 2017);
  2. GNSAGA, Gruppo Nazionale per le Strutture Algebriche, Geometriche e le loro Applicazioni (from 2016);
  3. AILA, Associazione Italiana di Logica e sue Applicazioni (from 2014);
  4. MathFuzzLog, Mathematical Fuzzy Logic Working Group (from 2011);
  5. IEEE CS Technical Committee on Multiple-Valued Logic (from 2017);
  6. EUSFLAT, European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (2014-2017).