This one-day workshop edition addresses the theme "AI for Humans or Humans for AI? "

This edition of the CoPDA workshop will be dedicated to discussing the current hype about Artificial Intelligence (AI) by contrasting it with the objectives pursued by Human-Centered Design (HCD). The workshop will establish a forum to explore our basic assumption (and to provide at least partial evidence) that the most successful AI systems out there today are dependent on teams of humans, just as humans depend on these systems to gain access to information, provide insights and perform tasks beyond their own capabilities. Recognizing that AI is today one of the “hottest” topics in large parts of the world, this CoPDA edition will reflect on the role of HCD in the AI age. Mainly, we are not interested in discussing the design of user interfaces of systems with AI features per se; rather, grounded in research activities from a broad spectrum of academic disciplines, from computer science to social science, this CoPDA workshop will critically analyze the current hype about AI by contrasting it with the objectives pursued by HCD, in order to investigate the impact on individuals, social groups, and society as a whole. More precisely, the workshop will explore the relationship between AI, aimed at replacing human beings, and Intelligence Augmentation (IA), focused on empowering human beings in their daily life and work. Balancing between these two perspectives means changing the research paradigm from traditional human-computer interaction, to designing the collaboration between humans and computers. This will foster creativity, meaningful work, intersubjectivity, and learning, and eventually improve the quality of life of individuals. However, a variety of issues and ethical problems need to be addressed in this new age – e.g., privacy intrusions, massive unemployment, knowledge and competence loss, lack of control, autonomous weapons, etc. The workshop organizers encourage researchers to submit position papers that will consider these aspects.

In summary, the workshop will aim at discussing the importance of HCD in the AI Age by considering several topics including (but not limited to):

  • Collective human-centered design
  • Collaborative learning
  • Cultures of participation
  • Meaningful human control
  • Adaptive, Adaptable, and Context-Aware Systems
  • Distributed cognition
  • Tacit knowledge and meaning making
  • Multi-dimensional aspects of learning
  • Big data and privacy
  • Learning analytics
  • Human-machine teaming systems
  • Explainability of AI-based decisions
  • Evaluation of AI-based systems
  • End-User Development for AI-based systems

Important Dates

Submission deadline: March 27th

Notification of accept.: April 27th

Camera-ready submission: May 8th

Workshop: June 7th

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