General Informations

Teacher: A. Ceselli,
Course schedule (a.y. 2019/20):First Semester, Wednesday 14.30 - 18.30; Room '211' (Settore Didattico, Celoria)
Tutoring:by appointment (send me an email)


The web page of the previous edition of the course (2014/2015) is still online at the following link .


Fully understanding the following list of requirements and the corresponding procedure, and respecting it, is the first prerequisite to pass the exam.
The exam requires the development of a project and an oral discussion about it. The project consists of an application chosen and designed by the student, whose code development covers at least three of the following special techniques: I kindly ask to the students which are interested in undertaking the ACP exam to:
  1. double check your full understanding of the meaning of the techniques in the list , especially if you did not attend the lectures; just as an example: functional programming is not simply calling functions in your code; data driven programming is not simply reading and/or writing a file, etc. Unfortunately, a common reason of failures at the exam is to claim the use of a programming technique that is actually not used in the project.
  2. sketch a possible application, think about a possible modular structure, and about which technique of the list above can be employed in each module
  3. write a project proposal : a single page would be enough, including title and student name, two sentences about the application functionalities, and a block diagram reporting the application module structures and the programming techniques that you plan to use in each module.
  4. send it to me by email as a .pdf file
I will reply you to notify that the proposal is suitable, or proposing suitable changes.

Once the (approved) project is ready