The sharing of large amounts of data is greatly facilitated by the adoption of cloud storage solutions. In many scenarios, this adoption could be hampered by possible concerns about data confidentiality, as cloud providers are not trusted to know the content of the data they store. Especially when the data are organized in objects, the application of an encryption layer is an interesting solution to this problem, because it offers strong confidentiality guarantees with a limited performance overhead. In a data sharing scenario, the management of access privileges then requires an adequate support for key derivation and for managing policy evolution. We present a solution that provides transparent support for the encryption of objects stored on Swift. Our system offers an efficient management of the updates to the access control policy, including revocation of authorizations from some of the sharing users. We explore several alternatives for the architecture, associated with distinct levels of transparency for the applications, and integrate different options for the management of policy updates. Our implementation and experiments demonstrate the easy integration of the approach with existing cloud storage solutions.