Fondamenti di elaborazione del segnale multi-dimensionale (Multi-dimensional signal processing)

a.a. 2011/12 (academic year 2011/12)

Information on the course


The course proficiency will be evaluated on the basis of a written project that each student have to submit to the course teachers.

The project will consist in a research in the literature on an applicative or theoretical problem related to the topics covered in the course. The student have to produce a short report in which the problem is analyzed and the solutions found in the literature are summarized and discussed. Optionally, the project can be extended to include an implementation of the solution.

The research problem to be developed will be assigned by the teachers, in agreement with the student, choosing one of the following topics:

Students are encouraged to suggest topics not present in the above list.

Once the topic has been chosen, the student has to inform the teachers by email (,,, indicating the title of the report, and possibily illustrating the subproblem or the application field that will be considered, or any other research criteria that will narrow the scope of the report. The teachers, after evaluating the relevance and the appropriateness of the proposed work, will assign the project title to the student.


30.01.201210:00-13:00Image AcquisitionFabio Scotti
30.01.201214:00-17:00Adaptive OpticsFabio Zocchi
03.02.201210:00-13:00Image RestorationRoberto Sassi
03.02.201214:00-17:00Multiresolution SchemesStefano Ferrari
06.02.201210:00-13:00Multiresolution Analysis and Fast Wavelet TransformStefano Ferrari
06.02.201214:00-15:00Sensors, Automation and RoboticsGourab Sen Gupta
06.02.201215:00-17:00Sensors and QuantizationMassimo Lazzaroni
10.02.201210:00-13:00Representation and DescriptionRoberto Sassi
10.02.201214:00-17:00Image Segmentation and feature extractionFabio Scotti

Course materials


double page topic
(pdf) Image acquisition (30.01.2012)
(pdf) Image restoration (03.02.2012)
(pdf) Multiresolution schemes (03.02.2012)
(pdf) Multiresolution analysis and Fast Wavelet Transform (06.02.2012)
(pdf) Representation and description (10.02.2012)
(pdf) Image segmentation and feature extraction (10.02.2012)

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