Full Professor of Computer Science at the
Department of Computer Science, Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Comelico, 39/41 - 20135 Milano
Phone: +39.02.503.14011 | Fax: +39.02.503.56253
e-mail: alberto.borghese@unimi.it

Laboratory: AIS-Lab (Applied Intelligent Systems - Laboratory)
Edificio 3, Via Celoria 20 - 20129 Milano
Phone: +39.02.503.14010 | Fax: +39.02.503.14012
e-mail: ais-lab@di.unimi.it


Research News:

MOVECARE (Multiple-actOrs Virtual Empathic CARgiver for the Elder) has been financed by the H2020 program for 5,933,611 Euros. It starts the 1st January 2017 and is coordinated by us.

REWIRE (REhabilitative Wayout In Responsive Environment) financed by the FP7 program for 2,700,000 Euros , coordinated by us, ended in December 2014.

The REWIRE platform has been selected to be demonstrated at ICT2013 in Vilnus, a major event for connecting research and industry in Europe.